Giza Capital runs a partnership-minded, value-oriented, thrifty, capital allocation operation, with the singular focus on delivering enduring exceptional returns, through insights from deep rigorous research. 

We strongly believe that the conventional “2 & 20” compensation model within the investment industry may incentivize firms to waste resources on marketing-related luxuries to impress prospects, with the goal of pocketing more management fees, by just increasing their assets under management (i.e. AUM). Furthermore, we observe that such firms may follow contemporary speculative fads and fashionable investment styles within the financial industry as part of their marketing efforts. Lastly, many fund managers do not have any financial “skin in the game.”

Giza Capital unabashedly stands in stark contrast to those firms. We adhere to prudent, long-term, empirically-tested investment strategies that are “engineered for eternity,” built upon enduring fundamental principles.

True to its contrarian philosophy, Giza Capital has a unique business model, inspired by the original Buffett-Munger partnerships. We structurally align our financial incentives with those of our investors, via the following:

  • All of our investment products have a simple and rational profit share arrangement.
  • We do not charge our investors any management fees.
  • We do not get any revenue from media appearances or affiliates.
  • All of our managers have a substantial portion of their net worth invested right alongside our investors.

Our firm can service accredited and institutional clients through a focused set of investment products.

More information about the firm including its investment strategies and objectives is available upon request through Investor Relations (ir [at] gizacapital [dot] com), for accredited investors and fiduciaries of institutions, only.

If you would like to become more familiar with our way of thinking, we cordially invite you to visit our “Research & Publications” page.

Thank you.