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by Giza Capital Research

Many in the investment community are anxiously staring at the abyss of the Bear Market and looming liquidity-crunch-induced global recession; but there is A New Hope, simply look UP.

In the short-term the financial system and global economy is highly likely to run into various problems. But we also must look at the other side of the coin, which is the long-term prospects of the global economy, and places where we can stake a long-term view.

We broadly concur with the analysis of A16Z on space as a place for massive future growth; we highly encourage you to read the article “Why America Must Develop Space, and How We’ll Do It” by Ryan McEntush, which outlines the growth case for Space as an investment category.

America became the world’s superpower by controlling the sea lanes and low Earth orbit (LEO). The next superpower will be the empire/constellation of nations, which controls the space lanes.

The investors of today who ignore space, are similar to those Flat-Earthers of the 14-15th century, who ignored the Americas.

^Above is NOT investment or financial advice.